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Exclusive, real time leads delivered to you

XYZ Marketing Agency builds your own personal Lead Generation Engine around your brand. We are committed to delivering our clients with the most targeted leads to provide maximum ROI.

We Solve Real Problems

Why XYZ marketing agency?

Because you are sick and tired of wasting money paying big-name brokers for shared XYZ control leads that you have to bid on with your competitors. And because you know there HAS to be a smarter way of getting pest control leads…

Qualified Leads

Our process is focused on generating high-quality inbound leads from customers currently seeking XYZ services.

Exclusive Leads

Our leads are provided on a 100% exclusive basis. Competitive Advantage – Only Work with 1 XYZ Business Per City.

Real-Time Leads

Calls and emails go directly to you. Leads are delivered in real time to provide the greatest advantage for converting leads into sales.

Branded Leads

We custom-tune each lead generation engine to your name, brand, and image so leads know exactly who you are when they talk to you.

How XYZ marketing agency works

Our XYZ marketing services are unlike anything else out there. We only charge you for exclusive leads we provide, and if you’re not happy with our services you can cancel at any time. This system works to get you highly-qualified leads in real time and because this system is yours and yours alone… the leads generated are also exclusively yours. Inside your very own Lead Generation Engine you’ll find qualified, exclusive, real-time, and custom branded leads.


We build out a marketing program consisting of landing pages, and use our expertise to promote it, free of charge.


Your phone rings and your email inbox is full of exclusive, qualified leads. (not sold to four of your competitors)


You only pay for the new exclusive leads we generate through our Marketing Program.

How It Works

We only charge you for exclusive leads we provide, and if you’re not happy with our services you can cancel at any time.

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Pay Per Lead

It’s simple…you only pay when a valid customer lead is delivered to your company. That takes the guess work out of advertising.

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The Difference

Other companies may be flashier than us, but we get more results. We find you leads and you focus on making the client happy.

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Our Pay-Per-Lead Service Delivers

Answer Your Phone. Grow Your Business.

Lead Prices

How much is a new customer worth to you? We work as hard as we possibly can to market your company at the right lead price.

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Lead Tracking

You can see, in real-time, the leads we have sent to your business. No more trying to figure out your numbers or estimating your return.

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No Commitments

There are no commitments when you choose Pest Control Marketing Agency. You can cancel any time if you are not satisfied for any reason.

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Are You Qualified

We recognize that it saves your time, as well as ours, if we understand early in the process whether or not your company would be a good fit.

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